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Item Marriage Futon Cover with Tsutsugaki Family Kamon (crest). Images of Turtles, cranes and pine trees all as traditional Japanese symbols of long life, happiness and good health, Homespun and hand loomed fabrics
Early 1900s
From Osaka
4.3 X 4.6 feet, 130 X 140 cm
.77 lbs, 351 g
4 separate panels hand stitched together make up this complete textile.
Medium-Heavy weight, strong fabric
Good condition with no holes, no patches no tears but the once dark indigo and addition colors added to the textiles now very faded. The indigo has faded to a gray-blue color and one can see only hints here and there of the other colors.

We have ironed this textile, it is ready to display as is or for use in your project.
Comment Newlyweds' Wedding (present) Futon Cover
Antique Boro Textile