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Item Ebisu Cotton Banner / Wall Hanging
Ebisu, one the Japanese "Seven Lucky Gods" of good fortune. Dramatic Display.
Hand painted images using natural dyes
Homespun, hand loomed thick cotton fabric.

Dramatic Decorative Wall Art
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
2.25 X 8.9 feet
69 X 270 cm
Heavy-Medium weight
10 oz, 286g
Very Good condition, very nice quality
Still retains bright colors, strong cotton fabric.
We have ironed this textile.
Comments This art textile was at one time a Boy's Day Noboribata Flag/Banner that someone cut down to wall display size and removed the hanging side loops. It has been hand seamed at both ends. It is ready to display as is, or use in your project.
Read about the Ebisu legend here

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