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Indigo Random Pattern Zanshi Kasuri
Boro Futon Cover
100% Cotton.
Very nice variety of small boro patches.

Early 1900s
From Kyoto
4.2 X 5.8 feet, 130 X 177 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight
homespun and hand loomed fabrics
Good Overall Boro Condition

We repaired several loose seams and washed this textile.

This textile is ready to use in your project or to hang as wall art.
Comments Zanshi kasuri is unusual. This textile has a more or less consistent pattern with 2/4 bars running lenght-wise on each panel. This consistency is created only because of the regular pattern warp (length) threads. But the weft (width) threads are leftover (zanshi) from previous weavings These threads show an inconsistent pattern, resulting in the thin stripe effect.
Antique Boro Textile