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Item Old Inari Daimyou Shinto Shrine Noboribata (hanging prayer banner) Homespun & Hand Loomed Cotton Tsutsugaki, Machine Sewn Very good quality
Date on Banner: Showa 16 (1941)
Fabric 100% Cotton Homespun, Hand Loomed.
14 inches X 8.2 feet
35 X 250 cm
Heavy-Medium Weight
Very Good Condition The red color is bright, not faded, thick fabric. 2 very small holes.
Comment This banner probably was displayed during a hope for a prosperous harvest festival. Inari (deity) shrine or temple banner. The Shinto God Inari is worshiped in both Japanese Shinto and Buddhism. Inari is the Japanese kami (God) of fertility, rice, agriculture, foxes, industry and worldly success and one of the principal kami (Gods) of Shinto.

Ho No (very top) - Offering
shoichi (large kanji)- High ranking Ianri Daimyou shrine
Date (above)
Name of Couple who presented the banner to the temple (smaller kanji at bottom)
Sato Haroji (husband)
Sato Hisae (wife)

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