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Katazome Indigo & Madder Brown
100% cotton, hand loomed, homespun cotton, medium heavy
14 X 27 Inches (35.5 X 68.5 cm)
Late 1800s to Early 1900's
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The true brown colors show best in the close up photos
There were two different katazome stencils used to produce this pattern. One created the brown color and the other indigo. Using 2 stencils to produce a pattern was more difficult to make therefore assigned to a highly skilled craftsman. And, it was more expensive and highly sought after.

Katazome is a form of paste resist surface design. A paste is made from rice flour and is painted through a stencil, on a piece of white cloth, to define a pattern. Wherever the paste sticks to the cloth, it will resist, or prevent, any color from staining that spot, when you icmerse the cloth in a dye bath.

The paste is washed off once the dyeing is complete and the pattern created from the stencil and paste, is revealed.