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Japanese Zanshi Cotton Orimono Textile
Hand loomed, Hand Made, Cotton
Somewhat Tight weave
The Japanese word zanshi means “vestige, left over”. This textile was woven from threads which remained from the looming of other textiles. These left over threads had no use because there was not enough of them to make a single orimono with the same color thread. Zanshi threads in this textile were woven to make this one-of-a-kind textile. Note irregular stripe pattern.
Early to Mid 1900s
Fair ~ Good Condition
5 nicks along one long edge
Each 1 ~ 3 inch wide & 1/2 inch deep
See photo 2,
One hole about the size of a pencil head eraser and 6 holes about the size of a pencil tip. No Spots
15 inches X 8.5 feet
37 X 260 cm
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