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Item Visually Splendid, Indigo tsutsugaki Cotton Yogi

This is a complete yogi but without the cotton batting. It has the liner too.

The Japanese Yogi is a sleeping garment in the shape of a giant yukata kimono that is worn for warmth while sleeping during frigid nights. It is so large that 2 people can easily fit into it.
(Read the history about Japanese yogi)
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Very Large
Collar down to bottom Edge
55 inches, 140 cm
Across Shoulders & Sleeves, end to end
63 inches, 161 cm
Heavy Weight
2.8 lb, 1260 g
Good overall condition
A few well done small repairs, patches and a a couple of small holes, see photos
We washed and Ironed this yogi

Ready for historical or artistic display.
Comment There are 2 main design elements on this yogi:
1. Tsuru (crane)
Cranes represent longivity, marital love and fidelity. The birds pair for life, devout couples for all seasons. Folklore states that Cranes live for a 1.000 years.
2. Matsu (pine tree)
The pine is a symbol of longevity. A Japanese mythical tale says that two pine trees growing close together were said to be the spirits of a forever faithful married couple. Since ancient times, the Japanese have believed that powerful deities dwell within pine trees, especially in the large, grandiose ones. The pine tree myth predates Buddhism and comes directly from Shintoism where it is believed that divine spirits reside within the pines that commonly shelter Shinto shrines.

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