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Item Exceptional Indigo Cotton Boro Yogi Interior Liner

Boro-Boro From Every Angle
Patched & Patched Again

The Japanese Yogi is a sleeping garment in the shape of a giant yukata kimono that is worn for warmth while sleeping during frigid nights. It is so large that 2 people can easily fit into it.
(Read the history about Japanese yogi)
Late 1800s to early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Very Large
Collar down to bottom Edge
50 inches, 128 cm
Across Shoulders & Sleeves, end to end
49 inches, 126 cm
Heavy Weight
3.6 lbs, 1645 g
Good overall boro condition

We washed & ironed this yogi liner.
Wonderful dramatic Japanese folk textile.
Ready for historical or artistic presentation.

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