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Large Indigo Cotton Kasuri Yogi
The Japanese Yogi is a sleeping garment used like a blanket for warmth.
The typical yogi had several layers of fabric for the purpose of keeping the person warm during cold winter nights
It is hand stitched together, 100% Indigo cotton, home spun, hand loomed. This yogi might have been used by a man or woman. Wonderful dramatic Japanese folk textile.

Early 1900s , From Nara near Kyoto
The Old Japanese Capital City

Very good condition
2 nicely done boro patches as seen in photos
We washed this yogi & repaired a few loose seams.

Collar down to bottom Edge
57 inches, 145 cm
Across Shoulders & Sleeves, end to end
53 inches, 135 cm
Heavy Weight, Thick Single Layer fabric
928g, 2 lbs