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Item Exceptional Handmade Boro Kogin Sashiko Farmer's Vest
Solid Indigo Fabric. Fully lined.

Beautifully faded with Rows and Rows of Kogin Stitches.

Exceptional quantity of hand sewn kogin sashiko stitching.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton Fabric.
Homespun and Hand Loomed.
Double fabric thickness
See last photo for measurements.
Heavy-Medium Weight 14 oz, 390g
Good Boro Condition

Nicely done boro patching

Condition evident in the photos.

We've washed & ironed this garment.

It's ready to wear or display. Can be worn standard or reversed, either way beautiful.
Comment Many Thousands of Hand Stitches

Rows & Rows of Kogin Sashiko

This garment shows a rather rough surface since thick threads were used to kognin stitch coarsely woven fabrics.

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