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Item Wonderful Hand-Made Sakiori Indigo Cotton Vest
(Japanese method of rag weaving is called Sakiori)

With Japanese sakiori, torn cloth pieces are rolled into 13 to 16 inch lengths and loomed together in weft (width) rows with cotton or hemp as the warp threads (length). 

Hand dyed with indigo vegetable dyes. Occasional red threads. Fine example of Japanese folk textile!
Early 1900s
Fabric All cotton, Home Spun, Hand Loomed
See our Japanese Textile History page for more information about sakiori.
16.5 inches, (42 cm) wide
26 inches, (67 cm) long

Nice medium-heavy weight with 2 layers of fabric and more in some areas.
1.2 lbs
560 g
Overall good condition. Strong fabrics.

2 nicely done boro patches as seen in photos.

We've washed & ironed this garment. It's ready to have on as or use as decorative piece.

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