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Japanese Farm Woman's Indigo Hemp Sleeveless Jacket (sodenashi), Noragi.
At one time this garment probably had sleeves but the owner removed them to re-purpose it as a sodenashi.
Nice, long length.
The beautifully faded indigo hemp fabric and the luxurious feel to it places this sodenashi in a unique, a very special category of its own.
Early 1900s
Fabric Hemp & cotton lapel~collar
Delightfully faded blue soft hemp fabric.
Natural vegetable dyes. Homespun, Hand loomed Indigo hemp.
22 inches, (56 cm) wide (top to bottom)
42 inches, (107 cm) long
Heavy-medium weight, strong fabric.
1.1 lbs
513 g
Very good condition except for 2 small holes on the seam under right armpit (see last photo). Hardly noticeable.
Included in this sale is small piece of fabric to repair the holes if buyer so chooses.
Very wearable or can be used for a wonderful artistic display of a classic Japanese folk textile garment.
We have washed, Ironed this garment.
It's ready to wear or display. Can be worn standard or reversed, either way beautiful.

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