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Item The finest example of sakiori artistry that we have ever acquired.

Exceptional Sakiori Perfection

Wonderful Hand-Made Indigo Cotton Sakiori Jacket

All cotton, Home Spun, Hand Loomed

This sakiori rag weave jacket consists of a variety of subtle indigo colors & white & indigo thick threads. See close up photos.
Early 1900s
Rarely found sakiori jackets of this quality.
Fabric All cotton.
Hand dyed using indigo vegetable dyes.
Sleeve end to end length:
33 inches, 85 cm
Bottom edge to top of collar:
39 inches, 98 cm

Heavy Weight
2.4 lbs, 1110 g
Excellent condition
Strong fabrics.
Soft feel

We've washed & ironed this garment. It's ready to have on as or use as decorative piece.
Comments Japanese method of rag weaving is called Sakiori.

See our Japanese Textile History page for more information about sakiori.

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