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Item Japanese Farmer's Extreme Sashiko Indigo Cotton Jacket
May be either a Noragi (farmer's jacket) or a fisherman's jacket (donza).

Note the double thread, very dense, sashiko stitching pattern found throughout the garment.
Early 1900s
From Northern Japan
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed

Kasuri & Plain Indigo Fabrics in layers.
See last image for size & weight chart.

Nice heavy-medium weight.
Wear it and/or use it for historical or artistic display

This garment has 5 very well done small mended areas as seen in photos. It has obviously been worn for work or other purposes.

Sleeves appear to have been replace with same era fabrics, most likely due to wear, at a later date.

We have washed, ironed this garment.
Comments This jacket is reminiscent of the fisherman jackets seen and described in the excellent book "Japanese Fishermen’s Coats from Awaji Island” by Sharon Sadako Takeda¬†and¬†Luke Roberts. (UCLA Fowler Museum of Cultural History Textile Series)

A thorough summation of the history and importance of the donza fisherman jackets may be read here by New York Times columnist Wendy Moonan.

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