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Item Wonderful Hand-Made Indigo Cotton Sakiori Jacket
(Japanese method of rag weaving is called Sakiori)
The upper portion has a solid very faded indigo cotton overlay which we believe was added to protect the sakiori weaving. Perhaps the jacket's owner did some sort to work which required that their shoulder be used in their job and they wanted the area protected, however real purpose unknown.

Solid indigo cotton sleeves, thick fabric, homespun and hand loomed.

All cotton, Home Spun, Hand Loomed

The sakiori rag weave uniquely consists of a variety of indigo indigo pieces & white thick threads, see close up photos.

Hand dyed with indigo vegetable dyes. Fine example of Japanese folk textile!
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric All cotton cotton sakiori.
Solid very faded indigo cotton overlay upper area. Can be easily removed if so desired.
See our Japanese Textile History page for more information about sakiori.
See last photo.
Heavy Weight 2.5 lbs, 1110 g
Tangible soft feel.
Very good condition but with one boro patch at the bottom edge. Strong fabrics.

Note patch as seen in photos.

We've washed & ironed this garment. It's ready to have on as or use as decorative piece.

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