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Item Primitive Hand-Made Sakiori Jacket
(Japanese method of rag weaving is called Sakiori)

All cotton, Home Spun, Hand Loomed

This unrefined yet, alluring garment was probably constuctued from re-purposed old sakiori remnants at a later date than when the sakiori textile itself was loomed.
Early 1900s fabric but jacket in all likelihood was fashioned at a later date.
Fabric All homespun cotton cotton sakiori. Solid indigo cotton lapel.

See our Japanese Textile History page for more information about sakiori.
See last image for size chart.
Very Wearable..... We have repaired some damaged areas with same era textiles (see boro patch photos).

Condition evident in the photos.

We've washed & ironed this garment. It's ready to have on as or use as decorative piece.

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