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Item Farmer's Boro Yogi Exterior (only) With Tsutsugaki Family Crest (kamon) Hand stitched, hand tailored.
Fabric Lovely faded variegated cotton. Handspun and Hand Loomed Cotton Fabric
Early 1900s
Size Collar down to bottom Edge 51 inches, 130 cm Across Shoulders, end to end 58 inches, 148 cm.
Heavy Weight
1.5 lbs, 690g
Condition Few small holes and some light stains. Few nicely sewn boro patches.
We washed & Ironed this yogi
Comment The Japanese Yogi is a sleeping garment used like a blanket for warmth. The yogi had cotton batting sandwiched between two layers of fabric (exterior & liner) for the purpose of keeping the wearer warm during cold winter nights.