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Item DIY Repair Project
Hand Stitched Farmer's Boro Padded Vest
Handspun and Hand Loomed Fabrics
Indigo Thin Stripe Fabric
Fabric 100% cotton,
Soft to the touch
Padded, Cotton Batting
Early to Mid 1900s
Size Collar to Bottom Edge
34 inches, 87 cm
Across Shoulders
14 inches, 35cm
Body Width
21 inches, 54 cm
Heavey-Medium Weight
1.3 lbs, 592g
Condition This is a DIY yourself boro repair vest project. This is a lovely vest that with your personal touch and boro repairs will become an much nicer garment. See photos for areas that need repairing.

Included in this sale are a few pieces of same era fabrics for you DIY boro repairs.(see photo on last row)
We have washed this garment.