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Item DIY Repair Project Hand Stitched Farmer's Boro Sashiko Stitched Man's Jacket, Fully Lined.
Fabric Handspun and Hand Loomed Cotton Fabrics Thin stripe exterior with an abundance of sashiko stitching.
Early to Mid 1900s
Size See last photo.
Heavy Weight
2.1 lbs, 966g
Condition This is a DIY yourself boro repair jacket project. This is a very lovely jacket that with your personal touch and boro repairs will become marvelous garment. See photos for most areas that need repairing.

Included with this jacket are pieces of same era fabrics for the DIY boro repairs.

We have washed & ironed this garment.
Comment The repairs for this jacket may be a challenge to some & require a better than average skill at hand sewing. Consider it's repair difficulty before purchasing.