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Item Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Vest

The Shikoku Island Pilgrimage or Shikoku Junrei is a pilgrimage associated with the Buddhist monk Kukai. The pilgrim traveled by foot for 30 to 60 days to visit 88 temples in a set order where the Buddhist priest at each temple stamped the Vest with the temple's seal in red. Every year a large numbers of pilgrims, known as o-henro-san, still undertake the arduous journey (however, some less able people go by bus).

This particular pilgrim didn't visit all 88 temples in that there are only about 10 red stamps on the vest.
Mid 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Hand made/sewn.
Small Size
Collar down to bottom Edge
18.5 inches, 47 cm
Across shoulders
12 inches, 31 cm

Summer pilgrimage weight:
2 oz, 56 g
Good overall condition
Some storage soiling throughout
44gb 33`

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