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Item Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Vest

The Yamagata Kannon Shugendo Pilgrimage first began in the 14th century(Muromachi Period, 1337 to 1573). Historically, pilgrims ,traveled 8 days by foot in order to visit 33 temples in a set order.

Each Temple stamped the pilgrims Vest with a red temple seal as proof of the pilgrim's visit. One must be very dedicated & physically fit to undertake this long and arduous 8 day religious journey. Devoted pilgrims still undertake this difficult journey even today.

This particular pilgrim was able to visit all 33 temples, as the red temple seal stamps show on the Vest.

This vest belonged to Mr. Kobayashi who was 62 at the time of his pilgrimage.
Dated: Showa 60, or 1985
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine Sewn.
Collar down to bottom Edge
27 inches, 69 cm
Across shoulders
18 inches, 46 cm

Summer pilgrimage weight:
3.2 oz, 92 g
Very Good condition
Comment Buddhist Shugendo is an ancient sect that combines elements of Buddhism, Shinto, Taoism and mysticism.

The practitioners of Shugendo are the rather offbeat mountain ascetics who go by the name of yamabushi (literally, “one who lies in the mountains”). Yamabushi have been engaged in their severe spiritual enterprise since back in the Heian Period (794-1185). To attain holy, magical or other spiritual powers, they go into the mountains, where they conduct such incredible acts of austerity as standing under icy waterfalls for hours at a time. They are also associated with more spectacular feats such as walking on red-hot stones and climbing up ladders made of swords.

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