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Item Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Vest
The Shikoku Island Pilgrimage or Shikoku Junrei is a pilgrimage beginning in the 8th century associated with the Buddhist monk Kukai. Historically, pilgrims, known as o-henro-san ,travel about 1200 km (745 miles) by foot for 40 days to visit 88 temples in a set order where the Buddhist priest stamps the pilgrims Vest with a red temple seal as proof of the pilgrim's visit. A number of devoted pilgrims still today undertake this difficult journey. One must be very dedicated & physically fit to undertake this long and arduous religious journey. Read more about this pilgrimage.
Mid to Late 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine made/sewn.
Top of collar to bottom edge:
22 inches, 57 cm
Across shoulders:
26 inches, 65 cm
Summer pilgrimage weight:
1/3 lbs, 130 g
Very good condition.
Comments 44 temple stamps are on this Vest, 88 total stops, half of the temples had been visited.

Click here to see an interesting video by a Westerner who recently made the Shikoku pilgrimage.

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