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Item Nichiren Shu Buddhist (school) Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Jacket

Nichiren Shu is a combined federation of four of the original Nichiren Buddhist schools. The school's Head Temple, Kuon-ji, is located on Mount Minobu where the founder "Nichiren" (1222 ~ 1282) lived in seclusion.

The pilgrim who owned this jacket visited numerous Nichiren temples on and near Mount Minobu (near Mt. Fuji). A red stamp marks each of the temples he visited.
Dated: Showa 28 or 1953
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine made/sewn.
Collar down to bottom Edge
33 inches, 84 cm
Sleeve end to end, across shoulders
49 inches, 125 cm

Summer pilgrimage weight:
12 oz, 230 g
Good overall condition as see in photos.

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