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Item Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Jacket
And record book of the journey.

The Yamagata Kannon Pilgrimage first began in the 14th century(Muromachi Period, 1337 to 1573). Historically, pilgrims ,traveled 8 days by foot in order to visit 33 temples in a set order. The Buddhist priest at each Temple stamped the pilgrims jacket with a red temple seal as proof of the pilgrim's visit. One must be very dedicated & physically fit to undertake this long and arduous 8 day religious journey. Devoted pilgrims still undertake this difficult journey even today.
Dated in record book:
Showa 61, or 1986
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine Sewn.
Collar down to bottom Edge
38 inches, 89 cm
Sleeve end to end, across shoulders
51 inches, 130 cm

Summer pilgrimage weight:
8 oz, 350 g
Good condition as see in photos.
Comment This particular pilgrim was able to visit 16 of the 33 temples, as red temple seal stamps prove in the book and on the jacket.

Unusual to find a pilgrim's jacket with the record book. They usually get separated from each other.

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