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Item Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Jacket

Hand written in Japanese kanji is the word "bosatsu" or enlightenment. It's probably what the pilgrim who wore this jacket desired.

We not 100% sure but we believe this pilgrim's jacket was worn for the Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage. It is a traditional walking visitation of thirty-three specific Buddhist temples throughout the Kansai region, areas surrounding Kyoto.
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It appears the pilgrim who wore this this garment didn't complete the full pilgrimage. because there's not sufficient number of red hand stamped temple seals.
Dated Showa 47 (1972)
Written in kanji on jacket
Fabric 100% Cotton, Handed Stitched Tailoring
Top of collar to bottom edge:
42 inches, 68 cm
Sleeve edge to edge, across shoulders:
51 inches, 125 cm
Summer pilgrimage weight:
0.8 lbs, 245 g.
Good overall condition.

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