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Item Shugendo Buddhist Sect Cotton Kimono

This Jacket was probably owned by a Shugendo lay person devotee.
Mid to Late 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton
Top of collar to bottom edge:
53 inches, 135 cm
Sleeve edge to edge, across shoulders:
47 inches, 120 cm
Summer pilgrimage weight:
1.0 lbs, 470 g

Machine Sewn.
Fair condition, age spots (see photos)
Comment Shugendo, a Japanese folk religion, is an eclectic Buddhist sect with a mystical-spiritual tradition which originated in 7th century. Shugendo evolved as an amalgamation of esoteric Buddhism & Shinto along with influences of Daoism & Onmyodo. With a background in mountain worship. the goal of Shugendo is the development of a person's spiritual experience and power through pilgrimages to holy mountains and there engaging in ascetic discourse with mountain spirits.
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