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Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Cotton Jacket
The Shikoku Island Pilgrimage or Shikoku Junrei is a pilgrimage beginning in the 8th century associated with the Buddhist monk Kukai. Pilgrims, known as o-henro-san ,travel about 1200km (745 miles) by foot for 40 days to visit 88 temples in a set order where the Buddhist priest stamps the pilgrims jacket with a red temple seal as proof of the pilgrim's visit. A number of devoted pilgrims still today undertake this difficult journey. One must be very dedicated & physically fit to undertake this long and arduous religious journey. Read more about this pilgramage.
Stamped on Jacket
Heisei 3. 5. 13
March 5th, 1991
Very Good Condition, No Holes or Tears
Collar down to bottom Edge
32 inches, 80 cm
Sleeve end to end, across shoulders
50 inches, 128 cm
Medium-Heavy Weight
Machine stitched.
All 88 temple stamps are on this jacket plus 9 addition ones. Click here to see an interesting video of a Westerner who made the Shikoku pilgrimage.