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Buddhist Temple Pilgrim's Jacket
The pilgrim traveled a set route/path to visit numerous temples where the local Buddhist priest stamped his garment with the temple's seal in red. This vest has many, many temple seals stamped on it.
Mid to Late 1900s
Very Good Overall Condition
No holes or rips. Some spots in a few than areas. This jacket is so busy that the several spots are difficult to see. See last photo. We have NOT washed this garment because the red dye from the temple stamps might fade.
See size image on bottom row
Fabric This jacket's fabric has printed Japanese writing (kanji) and images (fish). The jacket was hand stitched together. The fabric was machine made.
Comment This jacket is from the Kamakura area of Kanagawa Prefecture which is well known for its many historically significant Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines, some of them over 1,200 years old.

Look up "Kamakura, Kanagawa" in Wikipedia for more detailed information.