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Item Japanese Mendicant Zen Monk's
Indigo Cotton Begging Robe
Tailored with Hand Stitching.
Early 1900s
From Gifu Prefecture Not far from Kyoto
Fabric 100% cotton, probably commercially made
Sleeves end to end
5.9 feet, 180cm
Collar Top to Bottom Edge
4.1 feet, 125cm
Heavy 2.3 Lbs, 1050g
Overall good condition. Few patches and interior lining has some tears as seen in photos
Comments Japanese mendicant Zen monks do not speak, even to say thank you. The act of requesting an offering is not thought of as charity. The giving and receiving of donations creates a spiritual connection between monastic and secular communities. The Buddhist lay community has a duty to support the monks' earthly basic requirements, and the monks have a responsibility to support the community's spiritual needs.

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