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Lady Farmer's Black Kasuri Monpe Pants Japanese Gardening Pants
100% cotton, Medium Weight
Made in Kyushu, Japan
New, Never Worn, Commercially Made
Style Traditional monpe style which has been made and worn by Japanese farm women for well over a 100 years. The waist and legs are elastic banded. There is a small exterior back pocket and the knees have a protective double fabric thickness.
These popular cotton monpe, sometime called Japanese gardening pants, are 100% Japanese made. The kasuri fabric was was woven at a small family owned company located in Kurume, Kyushu Island. The fabric was sold to a another small family operated sewing company in the same town where we acquire them.
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Please note the different fabric patterns for the Medium & Large sizes. These pants are designed to fit loosely. These monpe will shrink after the first washing to the size in the description picture.

Note: The monpe's fabric is somewhat stiff due
to containing a small amount of sizing used during the weaving process. After the several washings, the fabric will soften to become very comfortable.
The monpe should be washed separately from other clothing at least for the first time because of dye bleeding.