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Child's Silk Matsuri Jacket
Early 1900s
Kyushu, Western Japan
Good overall condition
Has a few water stains.
The top edges of the sleeves have torn through the first layer of fabric (see last photo). A there is some light fraying in the silk.

Not suitable for wear. Display art only.
Discussion Wonderful dramatic Japanese folk textile.

This matsuri jacket must have belonged to the child of a wealthy family. It has hand painted traditional happy & lucky symbols: a uchinokozuchi (magic wand) & a spinning top, a woman setting along side a water container, a hyottoko mask & a shishimai (lion) mask.
Size & Fabric
Collar down to bottom Edge
28 inches, 70 cm
Across Shoulders & Sleeves, end to end
47 inches, 120 cm

100% silk, not smooth but what I would call slightly coarse raw silk.