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Item Striking Katazome Indigo Hemp Short Waist Jacket

We believe this garment must have been a Buddhist Temple Ceremonial Jacket, because of the overall look, cut and style. It was probably worn during some special occasion by a priest or important lay person. Although there is no obvious Temple connection (images or writing), this garment certainly doesn't fit easily into any other use category, note the very wide and extended sleeves.

Very wearable as is.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Hemp
Natural Organic Indigo Dye
Katazome Pattern
Homespun and hand loomed.
Strong, thick fiber-threads.
Top of collar to bottom edge:
30 inches, 77 cm
Sleeve edge to edge, across shoulders:
56 inches, 143 cm
Armpit to armpit:
24.5 inches, 62 cm

1.5 lbs, 675 g
Good condition with 2 nicely done patches and 7, hardly noticeable, very small holes as seen in photos.

We washed this garment by hand and ironed it.

It is ready for wear or display.

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