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Item Indigo Hemp Hanten Farmer Jacket, Noragi
Cotton Kasuri Collar/lapel
Late 1800s
Fabric Semi-loosely woven, very strong, thick hemp fabric. Coarse to the touch. Homespun and hand woven. Lovely faded and variegated indigo.
See last photo for measurement chart.
Medium-Heavy Weight
1.3 lbs, 602 g
Very Good Condition, No Spots, No Tears. We have washed & ironed this garment.
It is ready to wear or display as a wonderful example of a Japanese folk craft.
Comment These infrequently found indigo dyed hemp garments are treasured today as a unique survivor of a once ubiquitous but now lost hand made folk textile mingei (people's) craft. This 1800s hemp noragi farmer’s garment was locally made in the Tohoku region of Northern Japan. Even thought cotton fabrics by the 1800s were common throughout Japan, some remote rural areas still produced hemp fabrics in order to fashion garments such as the one seen here. The people who resided in these areas were either too poor to purchase cotton fabrics or their villages were too remote and difficult for the cotton traders to reach.

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