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Item Sumi Dyed Hemp Summer Hanten Jacket
Make DIY Repairs, Same Era Cotton Repair Fabric & Thread Included, both simi dyed. Add $60 to base price if you want us to make repairs & add several days to shipping time.
Fabric Spring & Summer weight. All natural hemp fibers. semi-tightly woven, strong fabric. Homespun and hand woven.
Early 1900s
Size See last photo for measurements
Light-Medium Weight
0.6 lbs, 260g
Condition Very wearable, Good Overall Condition but with a few holes. No spots.
Include with the jacket is a packet of same era, sumi dyed cotton fabric for DIY repairs. See photo, 2nd to last.

We have washed & ironed this garment.
Comment Probably worn by company office worker. Company name translation = "Naka No Shokai". Even though sumi dye appears black, when used as a dye, it imparts to the fabric a grey color and not black.
Comment (con't)
Sumi organic dye is made by mixing very fine ash from pine, plant oils, bone glue, then allow it to dry. The result is a hard black substance which can be reconstituted with water and applied as fabric dye or ink for calligraphy
Here's an excellent sumi write-up.