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Item Wonderful Hand-Made Sashiko Vest Hitomezashi (one stitch sashiko), and other koginzashi needlework patterns. Fully Lined with lightly faded indigo with sashiko stitching penetrating through the exterior dark indigo fabric. All cotton, Home Spun, Hand Loomed Indigo vegetable dyes. Fine example of Japanese folk vest textile!
Late 1800s to early 1900s
From Akita, Northern Japan
Fabric Indigo cotton fabric layers.
See last image for size. Medium-Heavy Weight 1.2 lbs, 530 g
Very wearable.....
Overall very good condition. Strong fabrics. There are no holes or tears . Condition evident in the many photos.
We made two very minor repairs to this vest using same era fabrics. Repairs can be seen with description in last row of photos.
We've washed & ironed this garment, it's ready to have on.
Comment Note the vest's interior lighter variegated indigo fabric liner is juxtaposed against the exterior's darker indigo.

This vest possesses several different sashiko koginzashi stitching patterns including zigzag rows of tightly sewn sashiko stitching and other motifs, all well excuted.

A exceptional personal tactile experience can be had when feeling the the jacket's soft cotton fabric, then passing fingers over the sashiko variations.

Striking in appearance and delightful to wear.

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