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Item Wonderful, One-Of-A-Kind Repurposed Handmade Japanese Antique Fireman's Jacket
Beautifully Faded Cotton Indigo
Tsutsugaki Dyed Images

Originally this garment was a Japanese fireman's coat. Someone refashioned it into a stylish wearable jacket by altering the collar and tailoring in the sides.

Beautifully Faded Indigo

Former Hikeshi-Banten Japanese Fireman's Coat or Jacket
c. 1900
Fabric 100% Cotton
Hand done Sakiori Weaving
Hand stitched sashiko sewing.
Medium Size

Note... this jacket has wide shoulders width and a narrow body & medium length.

Open-front style.

See last photo for size chart.

Medium-Heavy Weight
2.0 lbs, 900 g
Overall good condition considering the age & function of this coat. Light feathering and pulled threads to some of the fabric.

We have washed & ironed this garment.

It is ready to wear or display as a wonderful example of a Japanese textile folk craft.
Comment An authentic fireman's Coat was soaked in water before fighting a fire in order to protect the person from the flames and heat. The garment's fabric was thick to help shield from falling objects.

Large Kamon Kanji image on the back of this Jacket that indicates the name of the fire brigade.

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