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A Wonderful, Well Preserved Large Hikeshi-Banten
Japanese Fireman's Hanten Coat
c. 1910 ~ 1940
This jacket is from the later period for the fireman's decorative jackets. Last of its kind!

From about 1940 onward, fireman's jackets were mass made, all machine sewn with no decorative lining.
Fabric 100% Cotton
Machine done Sakiori Weaving
Some hand stitching
Top of collar to bottom edge:
37 inches, 95 cm
Sleeve edge to edge, across shoulders:
51 inches, 130 cm
2.8 lbs, 1270 g
Good overall condition considering the age & function of this coat. No holes, rips or stains.

One boro patch repair and there is very slight fabric feathering on some edges.

The redi dye seal image (kamon) on the back of the jacket has bleed through to the interior lining, as seen in the photos

Lovely faded exterior indigo but still holding strong interior images of the dragon. The tsutsugaki created images are strong but lightly faded due to regular dousing with quantities of water when fighting fires.

It is ready to display as a wonderful example of a Japanese folk craft.
Comment Dragons are protectors of Buddhist Dharma (cosmic law and order, and teachings of the Buddha).

A fireman's Coat was soaked in water before fighting a fire in order to protect him from the flames. The garment's thick fabric helped to shield him from falling objects.

The Coat is reversible. While fighting fires the plain side would be exposed. After the fire had been extinguished, the fireman would reverse his coat and the decorative images would be displayed to cheering onlookers, pridefully symbolizing a successful outcome.

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