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Item DIY Repair
Japanese Vintage Hanten Indigo Cotton Worker's Jacket.

Kamon (crest) image on top back side signifies company or family emblem.

Hand stitched.

Sometimes called Happi Jackets.
Mid 1900s
Fabric Very strong, thick cotton fabric, katazome dyed images.
See last photo for measurement chart.
Medium-Heavy Weight
1.3 lbs, 537 g
Good overall condition but has some small holes and there is a rip on the shoulder as seen in photos. We have included few small pieces of same era fabric and some thick sashiko thread for DIY repairs.

This jacket has been washed and ironed. It's ready to wear or display.
Comment This jacket was worn by a male employee as a type of uniform.

See 2nd to last last photo for typical hanten wear of early 1900s. Note momohiki leggings (available on our site too).

Kanji lettering on lapel says "Nakamura Shop"

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