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Item Indigo Cotton Boro Noragi Farmer Jacket

Boro patched & patched again.
Jacket made by piecing together remnant fabrics, patchwork.
Discount Use the Coupon Code "noragi" during check out to receive a $200 discount on this fabulous farmer's jacket.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed Indigo Fabrics & patches.
See last image for size & weight chart.
Large size, roomy fit

Nice heavy-medium weight.
Good overall condition but with holes as seen in photos and some thin spots.

Wearable as is but stunning with a little repair!
Included with the purchase are some same era indigo fabric pieces (not pictured) to repair the jacket, if desired.

Or, can be used for historical or artistic display.

We have washed & Ironed this garment.
Comments Another wonderful example of the Japanese tradition of "mottainai" or the distaste of wasting anything which has useful life remaining and prolonging a garment's endurance by relentless boro patching and mending.

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