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Item Repair-It-Yourself Repair
Indigo Cotton Boro Jacket

Boro patched & patched again.
Some sashiko stitching. 

Included with this jacket is a packet of same era fabric with new sashiko thread for making DIY repairs. See 3rd image.
Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed Indigo Fabrics & patches.
See last image for size & weight chart.

Nice heavy-medium weight.
Good overall condition but with holes as seen in photos.

Very wearable!

Or can be used for historical or artistic display.

We have washed & Ironed this garment.
Comments Another wonderful example of the Japanese tradition of "mottainai" or the distaste of wasting anything which has useful life remaining and prolonging a garment's endurance by relentless boro patching and mending.

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