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Item Boro Masterpiece

Rugged Beauty, Japanese Farmer Or Worker Boro Patchwork Long Noragi Jacket

Superb example of Japanese Folk Textile Boro Art
Early 1900s
From Tohoku, the North of Japan
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed Indigo Fabrics with numerous textile layers & patches.

Lots of wonderful sashiko.
Sleeve end to end length:
49 inches, 125 cm
Bottom edge to top of collar:
49 inches, 125 cm

Nice medium-heavy weight.
1.8 lbs, 820 g
Very wearable!

But probaby best used for historical or artistic display.

We have washed, Ironed & repaired several loose seams on this garment.
Comments Another wonderful example of the Japanese tradition of "mottainai" or the distaste of wasting anything which has useful life remaining and prolonging a garment's endurance by relentless boro patching and mending.

Not particularly suitable for wear, but may be worn with care

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