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Item Splended Solid Indigo Cotton Japanese Farm Woman's Boro Noragi Jacket
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed Indigo Fabrics with several textile layers & patches.
Please see last slide show image for size chart.
1.1 lbs
518 g
Very good overall condition.
Suitable for wear and ready for historical or artistic display.

We have washed, Ironed & repaired several loose seams on this garment.
Comments Note the delightful rows of sashiko stitching throughout this jacket.

Wonderful example of the Japanese traditional concept of "mottainai" or the distaste of wasting anything which has useful life remaining resulting in the prolonging a garment's life by relentless boro patching and repairing.

Very nice group of different indigo cotton patterns compose this garment.

Several fabric layers throughout.

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