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Item Japanese Farm Woman's Boro Noragi Jacket, Piecework Made and Patched.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric 100% Cotton.
Natural vegetable dyes. Home Spun, Hand loomed Indigo Fabrics with numerous textile layers & patches.
Collar down to bottom Edge
30 inches, 75 cm
Across Shoulders & Sleeves, end to end
50 inches, 128 cm
1.4 lbs
645 g
Not suitable for wear.

Ready for historical or artistic display.

We have washed, Ironed & repaired several loose seams on this garment.
Comments Wonderful example of the Japanese tradition of "mottainai" or the distaste of wasting anything which has useful life remaining and prolonging a garment's endurance by relentless boro patching.

Very nice group of different indigo cotton patterns compose this garment.

Several fabric layers throughout.

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