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Item Outstanding Boro Patchwork Noragi Indigo Farmer Jacket

Display or Possible Wear.

Boro patched & patched again. Extensive sashiko stitching.

Wonderful Japanese Folk Textile example.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
Fabric An lovely variety of patches of faded indigo cotton textiles.
47 inches, (120 cm) wide
(sleeve end to end)
32 inches, (80 cm) high
Heavy-Medium Weight
1.6 lbs, 745 g
Multiple fabric layers, therefore somewhat heavy.
Very tangible soft feel.
Possibly Wearable.....but probably best used for artistic or historic display

Overall good condition. We repaired a few loose seams. Quite a number of small holes that are difficult to see but present. Condition evident in the photos.

We've washed & ironed this garment. It's ready to have on as or use as decorative piece.

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