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Discussion The coat's interior lighter indigo variegations are juxtaposed against the exterior's darker indigo fabric which reveal together an unintended striking chiaroscuro effect.

A exceptional personal tactile experience can be had when feeling the the jacket's soft cotton fabric, passing fingers over the sashiko variations and touching the boro patches.

There are notable contrasting elements found in this garment with it's simple complexity. An oxymoron, however this jacket appears simple at first glance but then the complexity of its construction shows through upon closer inspection.....look closely at the sashiko, opposing indigo colors and stand-out boro patches. Also, for some undisclosed reason the maker removed some original sashiko and replacement with other stitches.. See photos.

As one ponders the handiwork of this stand-out jacket, many subtle surprises reveal themselves as well as many questions, only some of which can be answered with certainty.