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Item Hand Stitched Boro Sashiko Jacket
100% cotton, Heavy Weight
Handspun and Hand Loomed Fabrics
Soft Texture
Has many of the the characteristics & style of a Japanese fisherman's jacket, but not positive it is (was). Wonderful example of infrequently found Japanese folk textile.
Late 1800s to Early 1900s
From Osaka Region
Fabric Faded kasuri indigo
No liner
Collar down to bottom Edge
37 inches, 95 cm
Sleve end to end, across shoulders
49 inches, 125 cmHeavy Weight
Arm opening
7 inches, 17 cm
Heavy Weight
2.1 lbs, 970 g
This folk jacket may be worn but suggest using it for historical or artistic display in order to illustrate Japanese skill at fashioning detailed sashiko stitching. And of course, to exemplify the Japanese tradition of boro repairing for use long after its normal life span. We have washed this garment.

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