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Toshiko designs clothing from the perspective of protecting nature, doing the earth no harm.

Toshiko's fashions convey a singularly Japanese perspective; simple, natural, comfortable and visually stunning. She blends vintage Japanese hemp and cotton textiles, natural organic dyes and her own hand made weaving into her collections. Toshiko's garments unite browns (kakishibu), indigos, greens and off white colors.

Her textiles are often draped around the body and feature frayed, unfinished edges and a general asymmetrical shape. Toshiko considers most of her garments “free size” in that they will comfortably fit any number of body shapes.

All of Toshiko’s garments are one-of-a-kind, no others exist.

Toshiko Imaizumi, born 1957, is the daughter of the founder of the Imaizumi fashion line, a well know local designer brand located in Kumamoto, Japan.